Opening Day in the AFL

Greetings fans, I will be representing the St. Louis Cardinals in the AFL blog. First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Justin Fiske and I am from College Station, Texas. I played high school baseball there for all four years and then moved onto Richland Junior College in Dallas Texas. I spent two years in Dallas and was part of a championship team in 04′. I then went to Texas State for my final two years in college. I went undrafted in 2007 after my senior year, but was still determined to keep playing. I was picked up by the Joliet Jackhammers of the Northern League and was soon after signed by the St. Louis Cardinals. This past season was my first full season of professional baseball and I’m excited to continue the season by playing in the AFL.

We all arrived here on the first of October knowing that we had a week of practice before games started. It was a great opportunity for everyone to meet and greet and get all the kinks out. It’s exciting to see so much talent from different organizations playing on the same team. Our coaching staff is also made up from the five organizations which gives players different perspectives of how other teams function.
In the season opener tonight, we defeated Scottsdale, 9-3. It didn’t take long to see how high the talent level was in this league as Chad Huffman blasted a home run in the first inning. The game was close until the ninth, when we scored four to give us a six-run lead. 
Now that the season has started, hopefully the next entry will be filled with more baseball action. But until then if any of you readers have questions you would like me to answer feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get to those in the next entry.
Thanks for reading!
Justin Fiske


  1. tomkmstl

    Thanks Justin. As a Cards fan, it was exciting to see your season finish up so strong, and I’ll be back to check out how your fall is going. Good luck!


    Hey Justin I was wondering what level you were in? I also wanted to know if you were a starter or reliever? Thanks!

  3. gocardnals

    I am excited for you and hope to see you in a Cardinals uniform some day! What pitches do you have? Which one is your best one?


    It’s really amazing how fast you’ve jumped up the ranks of the cards minor league system. You’re numbers are really impressive, especially your strikeout to walk ratio. Can you explain how you are able to be so successful getting the out when you really need it?


    Hey Justin. From your old High School coach. We are really proud of you and best of luck this fall. Thanks for keeping us current on your new team. Coach S

  6. eccard

    Hi Justin

    Obviously you have exceeded all expectations and good on ya’ as they say down under. Is there any specific major league pitcher you try to emulate? Also, who have you seen, pitcher wise, in our system who has impressed you the most and why?

    Hope to see you in St.Lo in 2010.

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