Rising Stars Game Today!

October 24- Today is the 3rd annual Rising Stars game. It’s basically the all-star game of the AFL. It will include 50 players in the ultimate showcase of winter baseball. It starts a 7:15 MST and will surely be a great game to follow along.

After 15 regular season AFL games, our Peoria Saguaros are 10-5. We had a 4 game skid, but we were able to still put together a win before the Rising Stars Game. If you haven’t been keeping track of the daily games, I’ll just reiterate how high the talent level is out here. Some of the scores to these games have been far higher than I’ve ever seen in the professional level. We have actually lost two games in which we scored 10 or more runs. I’m not sure what the average run total is per game, but it’s surely higher than usual.
It’s crazy to think that we’ve already been out here for over 3 weeks. With every sunday off, it gives guys a chance to enjoy the phoenix area. There are some amazing golf courses out here. I don’t understand that with all the dry and hot air, these golf courses are still so green. There are also some amazing restaurants in the area. I’m am fortunate to have some friends from high school out here who could show me around. I believe we have just under a month left out here and I’m sure it’ll go by quickly with as much fun as we are all having.
I wanted to make a correction from my last blog, I stated that I went from playing in Palm Beach FL to Springfield IL. Obviously, the Springfield team is in Missouri. I just wanted to apologize to all you Springfield fans.
I also stated in my last blog that I had not yet thrown. Well I have been a part of 2 games now and both out of the bullpen. Although I was moved to the rotation during the year with Springfield, I will be coming out of the bullpen for the duration of the AFL.
If any of you readers ever have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them for me to answer. Thanks again to all you AFL fans following the games and blogs. Until next time, take care!
Justin Fiske


  1. eccard

    Hi Justin

    Obviously you have exceeded all expectations and good on ya’ as they say down under. Is there any specific major league pitcher you try to emulate? Also, who have you seen, pitcher wise, in our system who has impressed you the most and why?

    Hope to see you in St.Lo in 2010.

  2. zakrak

    Hey Justin,
    Thanks for doing this. One question I had was prior to going down to Arizona, does the organization give you certain specific things they want you to work on with the coaching staff or do they view the AFL as a chance to see you match up with upper tier talent and kinda evaluate you from the results?

    Good luck and hope to see you in STL soon!

  3. snoopycarmichael@yahoo.com

    You’ve mentioned how great the offense has been in this league. How does that change the way that you go after batters? Or does it not play a part in your approach to pitching?

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