10 Games Left

It’s crazy to think we have been here for almost a month and a half already, but we are down to the final two weeks of the fall season. With only 10 games left we lead Mesa by 1 game. Everyone who was chosen to play in this league was exciting to be here, but now we want to win this thing. We have been on a roll lately only losing 2 in the last week. Our last loss came to the Scorpions in dramatic fashion when we gave up 7 in the top of the ninth. We were trailing 16-10 in the bottom of the ninth and managed to push across 5 before a deep fly ball to the warning track ended the game.

We have a change of pace this week as we will play in three night games this week. During the World Series there aren’t any night games so that everyone can watch the WS games. Now that it’s over night games have started back up. We played one night game last week which resulted in a loss. I believe our first home night game is coming up this week as well.

The weather here in Arizona is starting to change a bit. I saw rain for the first time today here in Phoenix. The temperature has been dropping rapidly at night as well. Night games get a bit chilly which should be expected in November.

Looking back on the year, this has been a very long season. Although I had a few weeks off in between the regular season and the AFL, I had to keep my body in shape. This is certainly the first time I’ve played baseball all the way into November, but I’m not complaining. But I will enjoy giving my arm a break during the off season. Surprisingly, my arm feels great despite the stiff shoulder at the beginning of the AFL season.

Well that’s it for now. Hopefully by the next post we will still be in contention for the playoffs. Until then, take care everyone. Thanks for reading!

Justin Fiske

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  1. snoopycarmichael@yahoo.com

    Now that the season is winding down, I bet your looking forward to some down time. This year you’ve called four different cities your baseball home during the season if you include Arizona (QC, PB, Springfield, AZ). Has all that travel affected you at all during this long season? And did you really think it would be possible to move through the Cards system so quickly after starting last year with the Jackhammers?

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